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Posted by: jml43 on Jun 30, 2012
Professor Melik Demirel
Dr. Melik Demirel, Associate Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics, will travel to Singapore in early July 2012 to attend the IUMRS International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials. This conference is for young researcher to initiate collaborations in Asia network, work on research problems, and initiate student exchange programs. To learn more about the conference, please visit this website.
Posted by: jml43 on Jun 20, 2012
Corey Cochran and Thomas Pomorski, graduate students in Engineering Science and Mechanics, under the advising of Professor Patrick Lenahan, presented two talks at the Workshop on Dielectrics and Microelectrics conference held in Dresden, Germany.
Category: Alumni News
Posted by: jml43 on Jun 15, 2012
The ESM Alumni Society is implementing an Early Career Recognition Award for alumni (10 years or less since last ESM degree) who have distinguished themselves at work and/or in their community. Nominations are sought from anyone who knows a deserving recipient (including self-nominations). The form is available at this web site, please submit your recommendations by July 1, 2012. If you have questions concerning this process, contact Jason Lyons at or 814-867-1569.

The Early Career Recognition Award program has been successfully implemented in other Engineering Alumni Program Groups and the PSESMAS concludes that it would be a very valuable addition to the ESM program. Other alumni recognition awards tend to recognize more experienced alumni, after many years of success in their career. While this recognition is appropriate, it misses opportunities to recognize and encourage those who are exceling much earlier in their career. In addition, it is difficult for current students to view the older alumni as role models for their budding careers. One of the key elements of this program is to provide an opportunity for the recipients to meet with students and present a talk on a pertinent topic during the presentation ceremony.

This early career recognition award will address both objectives and provide a good opportunity for the PSESMAS to work with employers, alumni and students in a very positive celebration of empowerment of our educational experiences.
Posted by: jml43 on Jun 8, 2012
Professor Patrick Drew
Dr. Patrick Drew, Assistant Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics, has been honored as one of the 2012 McKnight Scholar Award recipients. The McKnight Scholar Awards are granted to young scientists who are in the early stages of establishing their own independent laboratories and research careers and who have demonstrated a commitment to neuroscience. The Endowment Fund seeks to support innovative research design to bring science closer to the day when disease of the brain can be accurately diagnosed, prevented, and treated. Dr. Drew is one of six McKnight Scholar Award recipients.
Posted by: jml43 on Jun 8, 2012
Professor Samia Suliman
Dr. Samia Suliman, Assistant Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics, became a member of the Commission for Women at Penn State University during the spring 2012 semester. The Commission membership includes Penn State administrators, faculty, staff, technical service employees, and graduate and undergraduate students. Professor Suliman has been appointed for a three year term. For more information about the Commission, please visit their web site.
Posted by: jml43 on Jun 8, 2012
Professor Osama Awadelkarim
Dr. Osama Awadelkarim, Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics will travel in June to Taibah University in the city of Almadinah, Saudi Arabia. While on travel, Professor Awadelkarim will initiate research collaborations between Taibah University and Engineering Science and Mechanics.
Posted by: jml43 on Jun 7, 2012
Congratulations to the seventy-seven students who have achieved the Deanís List for the spring 2012 semester.

1. Benjamin Anderson
2. James Ashton
3. Felix Aronovich
4. Shayne Bement
5. Brian Bersch
6. Myles Billard
7. Jordan Bingamon
8. Melody Chen
9. Yi Chen
10.Carina Chu
11.Daniel Clothiaux
12. Michael Cohen
13. Brett Corl
14. Brandon Daveler
15. Cooper Elsworth
16. Jennica Finney
17. Joshua Fixelle
18. Malick Fofana
19. Kevin Forgie
20. Bryant Foster
21. Robert Gavin
22. Manan Gill
23. Joseph Giordano
24. Alan Githens
25. James Glickstein
26. Xiang Guo
27. Shantanu Gupta
28. Matthew Jaffe
29. Justin Kauffman
30. Michael Kelly
31. Alan Korovin
32. Matthew Lanagan
33. Bradford Lapansky
34. Zhisheng Liu
35. Joshua McGowan
36. Colin McKay
37. Joseph Merola
38. Amy Miller
39. Alexander Morse
40. John Mulry
41. Kathleen Mulvaney
42. Michael Mutch
43. Anthony Naccarelli
44. Nathan Nalevanko
45. Michael Nunez
46. Stefan Omelchenko
47. Matthew Pantano
48. Joshua Park
49. Christopher Perini
50. Daniel Perlitz
51. Daniel Petersen
52. Christiane Pheil
53. Michael Pigott
54. Aditya Pisupati
55. Eric Posatko
56. Beverly Post
57. Sylvia Ranjeva
58. Thomas Roher
59. Joseph Rufo
60. David Schwitthenner
61. William Schuppert
62. Dylan Seagraves
63. Kelvin Shi
64. Daniel Slotcavage
65. Carrie Tedesco
66. Brendan Tomoschuk
67. Ryan Trella
68. Shawn Waggoner
69. Sheng Wei
70. Samuel Werner
71. Evan Whildin
72. Stephen Williamson
73. Xuerong Xiao
74. Allison Yau
75. Zhouxiang Ying
76. Mingyang Zhou
77. Jonathan Zuk

ESM Congratulates each of you on your achievements!