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Posted by: emg5174 on Feb 18, 2014
Yuliang Xie, a doctoral student in chemical engineering, has been named the winner of the 2013-14 Harold K. Schilling Dean's Graduate Scholarship. Xie is advised by Tony Huang, professor of ESM.

The scholarship is designed to provide funding and recognition to outstanding graduate students whose course of study is relevant to science, religion and ethics or whose studies involve critical societal benefits such as improvement of health, environment or energy.

Xie received his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical and biological engineering from Zhejiang University in China.
Category: ESM News
Posted by: emg5174 on Feb 12, 2014
ESM will be well-represented at The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Feb. 16-20 in San Diego.

Assistant professor Reginald Hamilton and PhD student Huilong Hou will present "Thermo-mechanical Experimental Investigation of the Martensitic Transformation Morphology in Nanometer Shape Memory Alloys."

Professor Michael Lanagan is an invited speaker and symposium co-organizer for "Advanced Materials for Power Electronics, Power Conditioning, and Power Conversion."

The TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition brings together more than 4,000 business leaders, engineers, scientists, and other professionals in the materials field for exchange of technical knowledge leading to solutions in the workplace and society.
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Posted by: emg5174 on Feb 12, 2014
Professor Melik Demirel will discuss the use of elastomers to expedite the process of creating eco-friendly materials in a free webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 11:00 a.m. Bio-Inspired Materials - Using Genomics to Engineer Recylcable Materials will be hosted by Cambridge Healthtech Associates.

Bio-derived or natural materials have been a fundamental part of human life since the dawn of civilization. However, due to exploitation of natural resources and cost issues, synthetic materials are replacing bio-derived materials in many industrial products. There is, accordingly, an ongoing and unmet need to develop novel materials that can be produced easily from renewable resources, at reduced cost and in a broad array of useful applications. Recombinant expression or direct extraction of elastomers from biological organisms can provide a new generation of recyclable-engineered materials. Understanding the structures and functional characteristics of these novel elastomeric materials will expedite the design, fabrication and synthesis of eco-friendly, recyclable, advanced materials with resilience to environmental factors, and novel wetting, friction and transport properties.

Register here.
Category: Alumni News
Posted by: emg5174 on Feb 11, 2014
Ned Brokloff (’82 E SC) was honored with the Diamond of Wisdom Award at the Road to THON Celebration held on Jan. 30 at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel.

The Celebration is part of the countdown to THON weekend and an opportunity to honor extraordinary volunteer contributions. The Diamonds of Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, and Strength – based on the story "Sir Millard and The Four Diamonds" by Christopher Millard – are a few of the awards given to outstanding volunteers during the Celebration.

Ned supports THON in a variety of capacities, including mentoring THON Executive Committee members and student volunteers. His other volunteer roles include being a member of the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society and Penn State Annual Giving Advisory Council. Ned is Vice President of Membership in the Central Maryland Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. He previously served on ESM’s Industrial and Professional Advisory Council.
Posted by: emg5174 on Feb 2, 2014
Charles Bakis, Distinguished Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, has been elected President of the American Society for Composites for a two-year term beginning January 2014.