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Posted by: mus41 on Dec 15, 2014

Dr. Melik Demirel's work on squid protien based thermoplastics was featured in Newsweek on January 11th. The article can be seen here.

When the work was published, it was selected as the cover article for the December 17th issue of Advanced Functional Materials. The paper, Proteins: Materials Fabrication from Native and Recombinant Thermoplastic Squid Proteins, describes “how the direct extraction or recombinant expression of protein based thermoplastics opens up new avenues for materials fabrication and synthesis.” These protein based thermoplastics, will eventually be competitive with high-end synthetic oil-based plastics. The article can be found here.

The publication was also featured in a Penn State news story and the fall issue of Focus on Materials.
Posted by: mus41 on Dec 15, 2014
ESM Undergraduate Anthony Fodel was a member of the 3rd place team in the Best Project category of the Design Showcase on December 11th. The team, which also included Michael Answini (CMP Eng) and Keith Howard (EBF), presented a project entitled “Determine transverse rigidity of steel wire ropes.” The project focused on how wire rope compresses and deflects when stacked up on a reel and under tension. This situation can arise on heavy equipment such as cranes.

The project, which was sponsored by Bridon American, required that the team design a testing mechanism to not only compress braided steel wire rope, but also accurately measure the deflection in both the load and transverse directions. The team used 3 Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDTs) to make these measurements. Bridon American was pleased with the result of the project, and plans to put the team’s system into use at their facility.