Ned Brokloff (’82 E SC) was honored with the Diamond of Wisdom Award at the Road to THON Celebration held on Jan. 30 at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel.

The Celebration is part of the countdown to THON weekend and an opportunity to honor extraordinary volunteer contributions. The Diamonds of Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, and Strength – based on the story "Sir Millard and The Four Diamonds" by Christopher Millard – are a few of the awards given to outstanding volunteers during the Celebration.

Ned supports THON in a variety of capacities, including mentoring THON Executive Committee members and student volunteers. His other volunteer roles include being a member of the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society and Penn State Annual Giving Advisory Council. Ned is Vice President of Membership in the Central Maryland Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. He previously served on ESM’s Industrial and Professional Advisory Council.