Feng Guo, post doctoral fellow in engineering science and mechanics at Penn State, was recently selected as the 2015-2016 recipient of the Thomas and June Beaver Fund Award from the Penn State Graduate School.

The award recognizes and provides a minimum of $2,000 in financial assistance to outstanding full-time graduate students enrolled at Penn State who are performing industrially-sponsored research in connection with the Ben Franklin Partnership Fund Program.

Guo, under the supervision of Tony Huang, professor of engineering science and mechanics and Huck Distinguished Chair in Bioengineering Science, is currently conducting research on the development of reusable acoustic tweezers technology by which sound waves are directed at the micro/nano scale to manipulate cells or particles or fluids. This technology could offer a simple, low-cost, biocompatible and disposable method for applications in the fields of point-of-care diagnostics and fundamental biomedical studies.

“Feng has developed many ground-breaking technologies in the field of acoustic tweezers, such as 3D acoustic tweezers and disposable acoustic tweezers,” said Huang. “His work has significant impact on medical diagnostics and biological research. I am very proud of his brilliant work.”

Guo is the lead author of the paper titled “Reusable acoustic tweezers for disposable devices.” His research interests include microfluidics, acoustics biosensors, single cell analysis, cell-cell interaction and tissue engineering.

Guo, along with four other engineering graduate students who received awards from the Graduate School, were honored during the inaugural Graduate Student Awards Luncheon held April 27.