Robert J. Beaury
School of Engineering Design,Technology and Professional Programs, PSU

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 3:35pm - 4:25pm
103 Leonhard Building

The direct definition of entrepreneurship speaks to starting a new business. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to the success of that effort but it is also critical to a wide range of endeavors, both professional and personal.
This seminar will explore what is an entrepreneurial mindset and how it translates to creative thinking, solving real-world problems, innovation and living a more complete and interesting life.
The objective of the seminar will be to demonstrate how adopting entrepreneurial skills will benefit any individual regardless of their career aspirations. We will begin by exploring the history of entrepreneurship and the personality type and skill set of a classic entrepreneur. We will then challenge the participants to work on a series of exercises related to the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set.

Bob has been an Instructor in the College of Engineering since 2001, teaching classes in the Engineering Entrepreneurship & Leadership Minors, including classes in the new Masters in Leadership program. In January of 2015, Bob became the Interim Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor.
Bobís approach to teaching is based upon experiential, problem based-learning. Students work in teams to solve real-world problems that have no easy answer in a competitive environment. Creativity and innovation are key components to Bobís classes, and several successful businesses have started as a byproduct of Bobís classes, including OrderUp and Diamondback Truck Covers. In the spring of 2016 Bob won one of the prestigious George W. Atherton Excellence in Teaching Awards.
Prior to his work at Penn State, Bob was the CEO and President of Broadband Networks (BNI) a technology start-up that designed and built distance learning networks. BNI was acquired by NumereX in 1997.
Bob is currently a member of the Board of Directors of several companies including Restek, Rockland Manufacturing and Diamondback. He is also a co-Founder of Xsalta, a web marketing company focused on helping mental health professionals create awareness of a revolutionary treatment for depression named Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.