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Poster Printing

Printing Request Form

If your poster is a candidate for mounting in the halls of the EESB building, use dimensions of 36 by 48 inches.

Size should be no larger than 44 inches on any dimension, with a 1/2“ margin on poster board (roll paper can be borderless). Our most popular paper sizes are 36 and 44 inches wide, so for example, a 36×48 inch poster will be printed on 36 inch paper.

Note especially that we stock 36” and 44” paper. Other size posters will need to be manually trimmed. If posters are to be framed in the EES Building, they must be 36”x48” with a 2” margin.

Note that ESM has no mounting capabilities, so we cannot dry mount, spray mount or otherwise afix posters to foam core, etc.

Graphics should be high resolution, especially the Penn State Mark. See the links below for logos. As a general rule, graphics and illustrations should “look good” at a magnification of 200% on a computer screen. Graphics and logos designed for web sites are not acceptable.

Please retain the aspect ratio of all university marks. That is, if the original image is 400×400 pixels, resize to 200×200 pixels, not 200×150.

Acceptable file formats

File Transfer Methods

Solutions for Common Problems

Sample Hi-Res Logos and Marks

The ESM “ligature” is no deprecated, as is the “old” Penn State Mark.

The ESM media archive has current logos and marks suitable for posters and other media.