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CNE This Week Spring 2007

Week of Major Events Things Due Full Schedule
Jan 15 classes start
Jan 22 Neurolucida Arrives details
Jan 29 details
Feb 5 details
Feb 12 CNS Abstract due 02/09 details
Feb 19 details
Feb 26 details
March 5 details
March 12 Spring Break details
March 19 details
March 26 details
April 2 IEEE-EMBS abstracts due 4/2 details
April 9 details
April 16 details
April 23 SIAM Registration
April 30 details
May 7 details
May 14 details

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Jan 22

“Spike-to-spike correlation and neural coding: basic roles for membrane and circuit dynamics.” 108 Wartik

Jan 29

Feb 5

Feb 12

Feb 19

Feb 26

March 5

March 12

Spring Break Food Fight Canceled

March 19

March 26

April 2

April 9

April 16

April 23

Dr. Dan Peruzzi from MicroBrightField returns for the final 2 days of training on the Neurolucida system, Tuesday, Wednesday. He will be available to work with people all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please bring slides and images with you, and attend as much of this as you can, since there will be no further such opportunities in the lab!

April 30


May 7


May 14