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**Mst (Kamrun) Kamrunnahar**


212 Earth and Engineering Sciences Building Dept. of Engineering Science and Mechanics Penn State University University Park, PA 16802

Tel. (814) 865-0663 (W) Fax: (814) 863-7967 (W) Email:


Thesis title: “ARMarkov Model-based Predictive Control: Design and Stable Tuning”.


Working on: (i) Optimization of electroencephalographic (EEG) data acquisition techniques (ii) Developing Laboratory systems for human EEG data Acquisition and analysis for teaching and research purposes (iii) Led a study group at the Center for Neural Engineering (CNE) by giving weekly seminars in the Fall 2006 semester on the textbook “Neural Engineering” (iv) Designing (along with Professor Steven Schiff) a lecture series on Brain Machine Interface (BMI) to present at the CNE in the spring 2007 semester (v) Submitted Research Initiation Grant proposal to the National Science Foundation (vi) Submitting Mentored Quantitative Research Development Award proposal to the National Institute of Health

Worked on: (i) Data Mining and Model development to study corrosion properties of metals and alloys using Neural Networks, statistical methods, and Bioinformatics tools (ii) Submitted proposal on “Soft Computing Techniques for Mapping Patient Information to Cardiovascular Effects” as Co-Principal Investigator (iii) Trained a WISEr (Women in Science and Engineering) student on data mining methodologies and tools.

Worked on: (i) Modeling Fundamental Role of Nano-scale Oxide Films in the Oxidation/Reduction Reactions on Noble Metal Electrocatalysts, specifically applicable to fuel cells. (ii) Development of Figure of Merit for the Quality of a ZrO2 Coating on Boiling Water Reactor Surfaces. (iii) Submitted proposal on “Role of nano-scale oxide films on metal electrocatalysts in fuel cell” as Co-Principal Investigator.

Worked on: (i) ‘Parameter sensitivity analysis of pit initiation at single sulfide inclusions in stainless steel’. (ii) ‘Portal development for the parameter sensitivity analysis of Copper electrodeposition for making interconnects on microelectronic devices’. (iii) ‘Modeling of Copper electrodeposition in the presence of additive systems’.

Worked on System Identification, Model-based Predictive Controller (MPC) design and analysis.

Assisted with course on Numerical Methods.

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