These are some of the train pictures I've taken since January of 2004 when I got my digital camera. I've got about 2000 train related pictures, but only some of them are good. The rest are bad, or just plain ugly, but I keep them to help put the good ones in context.
Some of the links below are directed to my pictures on RailPictures.Net.
You can see all my best pictures at RailPictures.Net. Be sure to use a pop-up blocking browser.

Good Bad Ugly
Good Pics:
Some of these I have gotten accepted by RailPictures.Net
Loaded coke train westbound at Altoona Pa.
Ringling's Circus train at Milesburg Pa. on Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad. Eastbound.
Ringling's Circus train at Lock Haven Pa. on Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad. Eastbound.
Lock Haven flood gate. Engine swap at Lock Haven Yard for circus train.
Ringling's Circus train leaving Lock Haven Pa. Eastbound on NS Buffalo line.
Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad loaded stone train crossing Spring Creek at Bellefonte Pa. Northbound.
Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad empty stone train crossing Feidler Road at Pleasant Gap Pa. The car almost didn't stop in time.
Eastbound Three Rivers at Pinecroft just northeast of Altoona Pa. I consider this to be a good pic except for the weather. I did crop it from the original. It's not Railpictures quality though. Some bad and ugly pics of this train below. You can see that the train is running on the westbound main, and it had to wait about an hour for the track to clear. I guess it had to make a stop at Tyrone.
Saw a track gang working in Altoona. I think this is a ballast plow. It has several sets of movable plow blades.

Good Bad Ugly
Bad Pics:
These are kind of dark and/or have poor composition.
On a cold and cloudy day, the eastbound Three Rivers departs Altoona Station. I took the pic standing on a snowpile. Terrible view.
PPL train eastbound on Nittany & Bald Eagle between Julian and Unionville. I actually like this picture, but because I took it through the windshield of my car while driving, the quality is a bit poor. It took about 3 minutes to pass the train. I was going about 60mph and the train about 40mph.

Good Bad Ugly
Ugly Pics:
The worst of the worst. I can't believe I saved these.
On a cold and cloudy day, the eastbound Three Rivers departs Altoona Station. This is obvously a problem with auto focus. A hasty attempt to photograph the train through a chainlink fence. It really didn't look that bad on my camera's tiny view screen.
On a cold and cloudy day, the eastbound Three Rivers. This pic taken directly after the other at Pinecroft. Camera's just not fast enough between shots.
I really thought I had one here. An fairly clean Conrail Dash-8 at Gallitzin on a good weather day. I didn't see the sign in the viewer, honest.
West facing view of tracks 2 and 3 at Gallitzin. This one really isn't that bad. I call it ugly though for the pink building in the background since I don't have a comedy section. The SD80MAC is pushing a rather short train westbound from Altoona to Cresson for interchange with RJ Corman. The head end had another SD80MAC and a GP38-2.

Good Bad Ugly
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