Mac OS TeX Mailing List - List Reminders & Etiquette

Here is the occasional/semi-regular reminder of a little list etiquette that I post to the Mac OS X Mailing List.
  1. Please do not start a new thread by replying to a message from another thread. Even if you change the subject, most email clients will mark your message as belonging to the original thread, which will mean that it may not be seen by your intended audience. You must use the "New Message" command to start a new thread (in Apple Mail, that can be found under File > New Message or by typing command-N).

  2. Please use plain text when posting to the list -- it makes the archives much easier to read. This is done in Apple's Mail by going to:

    Mail > Preferences > Composing

    and then choosing "Plain Text" as the Message Format. Alternatively, if you really want to continue using "Rich Text" as your default, you can convert messages to Plain Text on the fly in the composition window by hitting Cmd-Shift-T.

  3. Threads are usually easier to follow if you don't "top post", that is, if you include your reply in relevant parts of the quoted message rather than entirely at the top. Top posting should be the exception rather than the rule. Here is what some people have to say about top-posting:

    A: Because it interrupts the natural flow of a conversation.
    Q: Why should one avoid top-posting?

    Of course some people think that "bottom posting sucks". Well, I don't advocate either. I think the message should be readable and should quote relevant parts of the message(s) to which it is replying with comments interspersed with quoted material.

  4. Don't always quote absolutely everything in the message to which you are replying. Only quote those parts that are pertinent to your reply. If you like, you may indicate deleted material by using something like:

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Questions should be sent to me, the guy whose server serves up the list.

(the guy whose server serves up the list)