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The new Penn State Mark is now available.

Please note that the ESM Ligature is now deprecated and will be phased out.

In order to maintain best image quality, it is necessary to have different versions of the mark for different purposes. For example, an image that is scaled for web browsing does not have sufficient resolution for printing on a poster or journal.

There are three different authorized versions of the Penn State Mark for our department. One brands Penn State, while another includes the College of Engineering. Where feasible, the version that contains Engineering Science and Mechanics is preferred, and this is posted, below.

To download, click on the link or image and save the file to your computer. Do not right-click on the image and save the target, as these previews are for display purposes only.

Scalable Penn State Marks with ESM Branding

EPS (encapsulated Postscript) is usually the best choice for publications and posters. The format is widely usable and scalable. Use this version for posters or other purposes that require high resolution or scalability. EPS is directly supported in most Adobe and Microsoft applications.

ESM, stacked, reverse (white lettering on transparent background)

* Background color will not appear

ESM, stacked, normal (blue lettering on transparent background)


ESM, reverse (white lettering on transparent background)


* Background color will not appear

ESM, duotone (blue lettering on transparent background)