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Awadelkarim, Osama O.

Awadelkarim, Osama O.


Office phone: (814) 863-1773
Office address: 309E Earth and Engineering Sciences Building
Office hours: Monday: 9:30 - 11:30am

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Physics, Reading University, United Kingdom, 1982

Years of Service with Penn State

  • Mar 2004 – Present Associate Director, Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization, Penn State
  • July 2000 – Present Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Other Related Experience — Teaching, Industrial, Etc.

  • Oct 1987 – Mar 1992 Research Scientist, Department of Physics, Linkoping University, Linkoping Sweden

Recent Principal Publications

  • C. Chindam, A. Lakhtakia, N. Brown, W. Orfali, and Osama O. Awadelkarim (2014) “Frequency- and temperature-dependent storage and loss moduli of microfibrous thin films of parylene C,” Materials Letters, 116, pp. 296–298.
  • Karthik Sarpatwari, Osama O. Awadelkarim, Lucas J. Passmore, T. T. Ho, M. W. Kuo, N. S. Dellas, T. S. Mayer, and S. E. Mohney (2011) “Low-frequency three-terminal charge pumping applied to silicon nanowire field-effect transistors,” IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY, 10(4), pp. 871–874.
  • Karthik Sarpatwari, Osama O. Awadelkarim, M. W. Allen, S. M. Durbin, and S. E. Mohney (2009) “Extracting the Richardson constant : IrOx/n-ZnO Schottky diodes,” Applied Physics Letters, 94(24), pp. 242110.
  • Osama O. Awadelkarim (2007) “Jefferson Science Fellow promotes science and technology exchanges with Africa,” State Magazine, July/August, pp. 40–41.
  • Lucas J. Passmore, Karthik Sarpatwari, Samia A. Suliman, Osama O. Awadelkarim, Rodney S. Ridley, Gary M. Dolny, Jerzy Michalowicz, and Chun T. Wu (2005) “A Modified Three Terminal Charge Pumping Technique Applied to Vertical Transistor Structures,” J. Vacuum Science and Technology, B23, pp. 2189.
  • Osama O. Awadelkarim and Samia A. Suliman (2005) “Smart Materials,” in book entitled Wiley Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering, edited by Kai Chang. Published by Wiley & Sons, ISBN : 0–471–27053–9.
  • Samia A. Suliman, Osama O. Awadelkarim, Rodney S. Ridley, and Gary M. Dolny (2004) “Gate-Oxide Grown on the Sidewalls and Base of a U-Shaped Si Trench: Effects of the Oxide and Oxide/Si Interface Condition on the Properties of Vertical MOS Devices,” Microelectronic Engineering, 72, pp. 247–252.
  • Levent Trabzon and Osama O. Awadelkarim (2003) “Changes in material properties of low-k interlayer dielectric polymers induced by exposure to plasmas,” Microelectronic Engineering, 65, pp. 463–477.
  • Jiayu Jiang, Osama O. Awadelkarim, D. -O. Lee, P. Roman, and Jerzy Ruzyllo (2002) “On the capacitance of metal/high-k dielectric material stack/silicon structures,” Solid State Electronics, 46, pp. 1991–1995.
  • Julian W. Gardner, Vijay K. Varadan, and Osama O. Awadelkarim (2001) Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices, John Wiley and Sons, Ltd..

Consulting, Patents, and Scientific and Professional Society Memberships

  • Science and Technology Consultant, U. S. Department of State, Washington, D. C. (Aug 2007 – Present)
  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Member (1995 – Present)
  • Material Research Society, Member (1994 – Present)
  • U.S. Patent U. S. Serial No. 08/842,345, O. O. Awadelkarim,S. J. Fonash, M. Okandan, and M. Ozaita-Mintegui. Method and apparatus testing IC chips for damage during fabrication (1996)

Honors and Awards

  • Jefferson Science Fellowship, U. S. Department of State (2006)
  • International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Research Fellowship, ICTP, Italy (1986)
  • International Seminars in Physics and Chemistry Fellowship, University of Uppsala, Sweden (1985)
  • International Seminars in Physics and Chemistry Fellowship, University of Uppsala, Sweden (1984)
  • Government of Sudan Scholarship for Research and Graduate Study Abroad, Government of Sudan (1977)
  • The University Prize (the best final-year results), University of Khartoum, Sudan (1977)
  • Shell Prize (the best sophomore results), University of Khartoum, Sudan (1974)

Recent Institutional and Professional Service

  • Board Member, The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) (Jan 2008 – Present)
  • Associate Director, The Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization, The Pennsylvania State University (Mar 2004 – Present)

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