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Harbaugh, Robert E.

Harbaugh, Robert E.


Office phone: (717) 531-4383
Office address: Suite 1200 30 Hope Drive, Building B, Hershey Medical Center

Educational Background

  • M.D. (Alpha Omega Alpha), Medicine, Penn State University Collge of Medicine, 1978
  • B.S. (magna cum laude), Biology, Lebanon Valley College, 1974

Years of Service with Penn State

  • June 2003 – Present Professor of Neurosurgery and Engineering Science and Mechanics

Other Related Experience — Teaching, Industrial, Etc.

  • July 1985 – May 2003 Assistant Professor through Professor, Neurosurgery, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH

Recent Principal Publications

  • H. Yoon, P. T. Hankins, V. K. Varadan, and R. E. Harbaugh (2008) “Dual electrode ensembles with core and shell nanoelectrodes for dopamine sensing applications.,” Electroanalysis, 20(10), pp. 1147–1150.
  • R. J. Adams, G. Albers, M. J. Alberts, O. Benevente, K. Furie, L. B. Goldstein, P. Gorelick, J. Halperin, R. Harbaugh, S. C. Johnston, I. Katzan, M. Kelly-Hayes, E. J. Kenton, M. Marks, R. L. Sacco, and L. H. Schwamm (2008) “Update to the AHA/ASA recommendations for the prevention of stroke in patients with stroke and transient ischemic attack.,” Stroke, 39(5), pp. 1647–1652.
  • R. J. Komotar, E. S. Connolly, Jr., A. A. Lignelli, W. J. Mack, and R. E. Harbaugh (2007) “Clinicoradiological review: bilateral ethmoidal artery dural arteriovenous fistulas.,” Neurosurgery, 60, pp. 131–136.
  • B. Ma, J. Lu, R. E. Harbaugh, and M. L. Raghavan (2007) “Nonlinear, anisotropic stress analysis of anatomically realistic cerebral aneurysms.,” Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 129, pp. 88–96.
  • R. E. Harbaugh (2006) “Carotid endarterectomy: experience with more than 1500 operations.,” Chinese Journal of Contemporary Neurology and Neurosurgery, 6, pp. 367–371.
  • R. L. Sacco, R. Adams, G. Albers, M. J. Alberts, O. Benevente, K. Furie, L. B. Goldstein, P. Gorelick, J. Halperin, R. Harbaugh, S. C. Johnston, I. Katzan, M. Kelly-Hayes, E. J. Kenton, M. Marks, L. H. Schwamm, and T. Tomsick (2006) “Guidelines for prevention of stroke in patients with ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack.,” Stroke, 37, pp. 577–617.
  • R. E. Harbaugh and A. Agarwal (2006) “Training residents in endovascular neurosurgery.,” Neurosurgery, 59(S3), pp. 277–281.
  • M. Raghavan, B. Ma, and R. E. Harbaugh (2005) “Quantified aneurysm shape and rupture risk.,” Journal of Neurosurgery, 102, pp. 355–362.
  • J. U. Howington, L. N. Hopkins, D. G. Piepgras, and R. E. Harbaugh (2005) “Training Standards in Endovascular Neurosurgery.,” Neurosurgery Clinics of North America, 16, pp. 445–449.
  • V. K. Varadan, R. Harbaugh, and J K. Abraham (2004) “Deep-brain stimulator and control of Parkinson’s disease,” in proceedings Proceedings of SPIE, Smart structures and Materials 2004: Smart Electronics, MEMS, BioMEMS and Nanotechnology, 5389, pp. 314–323.
  • A. I. Qureshi, A. Huston, R. E. Harbaugh, P. E. Steig, and L. N. Hopkins (2004) “Methodologies and design considerations in randomized clinical trials evaluating surgical or endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular diseases.,” Neurosurgery, 54, pp. 248–267.
  • B. Ma, R. Harbaugh, J. Lu, and M. Raghavan (2004) “Modeling the geometry, hemodynamics and tissue mechanics of cerebral aneurysms,” in proceedings Proceedings of the International Mechanical Engineering Congress, November 13–19, Anaheim, CA.
  • B. Ma, R. E. Harbaugh, and M. L. Raghavan (2004) “Three-dimensional geometrical characterization of cerebral aneurysms.,” Annals of Biomedical Engineering 32: 264–273, 2004., 32, pp. 264–273.
  • R. E. Harbaugh, Ed. (2003) “Section VIII, Cerebrovascular Disorders,” in book entitled Textbook of Neurological Surgery Principles and Practice, pp. 2249–2648, edited by H. H. Batjer and C. M. Loftus. Lippincott-Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia.

Consulting, Patents, and Scientific and Professional Society Memberships

  • Director of Neuroscience, SIO Healthcare Advisors (2007 – Present)
  • President, CHYNA, LLC (2007 – Present)
  • Consultant, Micromechatronics (2006 – Present)
  • Consultant, Piezo Resonance Innovations, Inc. (2006 – Present)
  • Pennsylvania Neurosurgical Society, Member (2003 – Present)
  • Consultant, MedCool, Inc. (2002 – Present)
  • American Academy of Neurological Surgery, Member (2001 – Present)
  • Society of Neurological Surgeons (2001 – Present)
  • World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, Member (2000 – Present)
  • American College of Surgeons, Fellow (1994 – Present)
  • American heart Association Stroke Council, Fellow (1990 – Present)
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Member (1989 – Present)
  • New England Neurosurgical Society, Member (1987 – Present)
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Member (1985 – Present)

Professional Licenses or Certifications

  • Medical Physician and Surgeon, Pennsylvania, 19 May 2003
  • American Board of Neurological Surgeons, 9 Sept 1989

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