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The Penn State Center for Neural Engineering is a university-wide Center, bridging the campuses and Colleges of Engineering and Science at University Park, with the College of Medicine at Hershey. It is housed within facilities of the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics.

The Center is positioned to facilitate and enable collaboration between faculty from the Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences, Materials Research, and Neuroscience Institutes at Penn State, and forms a physical conduit for faculty and students from across the Engineering Departments, the Integrative Biosciences Neuroscience Program, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology, as well as trainees and faculty from Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Psychiatry. The Center has resident core faculty, with a considerable number of faculty Affiliates drawn from University Park and Hershey.

The Center enables the successful conduct of interdisciplinary research and acquisition of funding for projects that individual Penn State scientists could not perform on their own.

The Center for Neural Engineering provides the core facilities to:

Presently occupying 3000 square feet of customized space in the Earth-Engineering Sciences Building, the Center will move in 2010 to 22,000 square feet in the new Life Sciences II/Material Science Building. Within this space there will be space for individual investigators, but importantly, there will be substantial shared facilities to meet the above needs. Specifically, there will be several different sizes of conference rooms, with video conference capability to facilitate the interaction with Hershey and other investigators. Significant shared facilities will be created for histology, computerized microscopy, animal behavioral monitoring, and computational resources. Offices are planned for six Hershey faculty, MDs and PhDs, to be in residence at any one time. A novel teaching laboratory will serve as a teaching platform to teach the concepts, hardware, and software of Brain-Machine Interface engineering to advanced undergraduate and graduate students within the Engineering College.

We anticipate that this Center will serve as a model and test bed for serious long-term development of bridges between the strengths of University Park and the College of Medicine campuses.

Key developments from 2006-2008 include:
Ongoing Research Projects
Future Developments

The facilities in new Life Science II – Material Science Building 3rd floor W will be one of the premier facilities in the world for conducting Neural Engineering on a systems level. The proximity to Materials Sciences gives us unusual opportunity for synergistic work on the properties of the Material Brain. The 22,000 square feet are custom designed for up to 12 faculty including

Center for Neural Engineering Home