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Penn State Center for Neural Engineering

Center for Neural Engineering

The Penn State Center for Neural Engineering, an intercollege center bridging the Colleges of Engineering, Medicine and Science, was Chartered in June, 2007. The Center occupies 22,000 square feet of space in the new Millennium Sciences Complex, a structure which brings together faculty and laboratories from Materials Science and Life Sciences at Penn State.

With the help of a P30 Research Core Center Grant from NIH in 2009-2010, “Innovations at the Intersection of Neural Engineering, Materials Sci & Medicine”, we have continued to grow and recruit outstanding faculty to the Center. Our present complement in the new facility includes:


CNE Weekly Schedule

Journal Club Schedule

Fall 2011 Spring 2011 Fall 2010 Spring 2010 Fall 2009 Spring 2009 Fall 2008 Spring 2008
Systems (WAG) Schedule: SJCF10 SJCS09 SJCF08
Cellular NE CJCS09 CJCF08
Imaging NE
NeuroMechanics NMJCS09
Neural Control NCJCS09

Neural Engineering and Neuroscience Seminars and Conferences Schedule



Ankit Jain will defend his master's thesis titled “Low-cost instrumentation and interface for neural recordings” on Wednesday 9/7/2011 at 2 pm, 127 EEE.


We are now an Institute Partner for the NSF sponsored Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State University. We are helping to organize a full year of Neuroscience workshops for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Neural Engineering Program and Course Offerings

Neural engineering is a discipline that uses engineering techniques to understand, repair, replace, enhance, or treat the diseases of neural systems. Neural engineers are uniquely qualified to solve design problems at the interface of living neural tissue and non-living constructs.

See June, 2008 article at Technology Review
See 2010 article in Penn State Research Magazine

New Neural Engineering Track in the Engineering Sciences and Mechanics Ph.D. Program

Penn State College of Medicine MD-PhD Program and Engineering Sciences and Mechanics


Course Name F 2011 S2010 F2009 S2009 F2008 S2008 F2007 S2007 F2006
Fund. Neural Eng. InterfacesT/R 1:00-2:15 ESC ESC597D X X
Neural Control Engineering M 2:30-5:30 ESC ESC597A
Brain Computer Interfaces ESC ESC 497B
NeuroEthics and NeuroLaw ESC STS597A
Comparative Neuroanatomy T/R 9:05-10:20
Data Analysis in Neuroscience T/R 9:00-10:15

ESM Schedule

Current Course Offerings by CNE-Affiliated Faculty


The Penn State Center for Neural Engineering is a university-wide Center, bridging the campuses and Colleges of Engineering and Science at University Park, with the College of Medicine at Hershey. It is housed within facilities of the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics.

The Center is positioned to facilitate and enable collaboration between faculty from the Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences, Materials Research, and Neuroscience Institutes at Penn State, and forms a physical conduit for faculty and students from across the Engineering Departments, the Integrative Biosciences Neuroscience Program, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology, as well as trainees and faculty from Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Psychiatry. The Center has resident core faculty, with a considerable number of faculty Affiliates drawn from University Park and Hershey.

The Center enables the successful conduct of interdisciplinary research and acquisition of funding for projects that individual Penn State scientists could not perform on their own…

Detailed description of the Center for Neural Engineering

Penn State Medicine Magazine Article Winter 2006

Engineering the Brain, Materials Research Institute Bulletin, Fall 2007


With support from a Grace Woodward Grant for Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine, we are developing active collaborations with scientists and physicians working on improving the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical diseases in East Africa.

Laboratory Resources

Recent Awards and Honors

  • Anjum Parkar
    • Penn State College of Engineering Research Symposium (CERS): First Place Graduate Poster
      April 2011
      Neuronal Degeneration is Correlated with Implanted Neural Electrodes in Non-human Primates
  • Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani
    • ESM Today 2/2009. First Place Platform presentation.
    • International Workshop on Seizure Prediction, June 4-7, 2009
      “ Using Polarizing Low-Frequency Electric Field Modulation to Probe Preseizure Dynamics”
      Best Clinical Poster
    • Penn State Neuroscience Research Days, 11/2009. Second place Graduate Student Poster Presentation
  • Dana Lynn Andre
    • PSU Graduate Exhibition
      “Mechanisms Determining Safety and Performance of Brain Stimulation Electrodes.”
      third place poster, Engineering category
  • Justin Ingram
    • Penn State Neuroscience Research Days, 11/2009. First place Graduate Student Poster Presentation


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