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Frequently Asked Questions (IT)

Support for faculty, staff and students of the Engineering Science and Mechanics Department.
If you are affiliated with another department or unit, please see the support staff in your area.

Click here for Penn State Office 365 and Mail page.

Please note:

• If you need support with any of the classrooms in the EES Bldg, including technology podiums, support is provided by Learning Applications and Technologies, not the ESM department. They may be reached via email at or by telephone at 777-0035.

• If you wish to establish or edit a web page, send email to and we'll schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

I forgot my password

Please note the Password Complexity Requirements.

There are two accounts used in ESM:

For your Penn State Access Account, simply visit Forgot Password page and answer the security questions.

For your College of Engineering User Account (Active Directory/Domain) password, visit the IT Staff in 212 EES and bring your Penn State ID.

How do I connect to the
wireless network?

Instructions for connecting to the Penn State Wireless network.

I'd like to print a poster

Poster printing is available to ESM faculty, staff and students for a fee.

Please visit and upload your file. Please allow a minimum of three business days for printing. Only available within the College network.


How do I connect to my
PASS account?

All of us at Penn State have 1GB (or more) of shared server space for web pages, file sharing, email, etc.

Instructions for using PASS space:

Quota and security settings found under Web Accounts

Application for personal web space:

Passwords for these accounts are not always synchronized before you connect to them. If your password is rejected, and if you think that you are connecting properly, try resetting or changing your Access password from the web page.


What Software can I 
get from the department?

A list of resources is located at the ESM Software page.

What is
University Policy AD95?

University policy AD95 establishes guidelines for the use of computing equipment and the university network. Everybody who uses a university computer, or who connects to the university backbone network connection is bound by the terms of AD95.

In addition to AD95, there are corollary policies included within it. Please read and understand all of them, since sanctions can be severe if they are violated.

Click here for AD95

Penn State Mobile Email settings?

ITS maintains an email knowledgebase with email settings for a vareity of mobile clients.

How do I use the 
internet, projectors, etc.
in the
Technology Classrooms?

Learning Applications and Technologies (LAT) provides all support for the new classrooms in the East wing of the Earth and Engineering Sciences Building.

There are phones with contact information posted clearly near each podium.

If you need assistance, please call 777-0035.

ESM technical contacts have no access to these classrooms, and they have been specifically asked not to interfere with them. Please do not ask a technical contact to violate this policy.

I'm going on a trip … 
can I still check my email?

Use webmail through Office 365 online.

When are the tech
contacts available?

Technical service is generally available during normal operating hours of the ESM department. From time to time, other commitments may change technical contact's availability. Faculty and staff may check the ESM Staff schedule through Outlook for detailed schedules.

Click here for services provided by the tech contacts

If you are having trouble contacting a technical contact, please contact one of the main office staff, who can suggest alternatives or call the ITS Help Desk.

Who do I contact 
when the copier is broken?

Contact Andrew Miller when there is a problem with an advanced feature of a digital copier, such as scanning, networking, etc. 

For normal copier functions, such as replacement toner or staples, see the receptionist in the main office. Alternatively, you can make a service call to Ricoh, directly at 1-888-456-6457.

How do I change
my email password?

This is now the same as your Penn State Access account.

The Penn State Access email system is run by Microsoft Office 365 and is in the form You may make changes to your account through

While the ESM tech contacts may act as liaisons to ITS and NCTS, please understand that they do not have direct control over these accounts or servers.

How do I get a
new computer set up?

An ESM technical contact can schedule the setup and to discuss requirements.

Please contact a member of the IT staff. There are forms to fill out, and the process may take several days, depending on account creation, updates, etc.

All buildings in the College of Engineering use a 10/100 network with RJ/45 connectors on each faceplate, and the COE and PSU wireless networks are generally available throughout the college.

Can I send mail 
to a list of all the
faculty or students?

Authorized personnel, click here for the ESM protected pages.

Here you will find the various mail lists, such as faculty, alumni, graduate students, etc. These lists are maintained regularly, so if you have reason to believe they are in error, contact the list administrator.

What is a domain account
and why do I need one?

Windows may operate in an environment called an Active Directory. Active Directory allows easy sharing of computer resources, and it allows central control, security upgrades and maintenance. The College of Engineering has established an Active Directory to ease network resource sharing and security.

Advantages of participation are numerous, but they include excellent security from hacking, as well as backup and file sharing services. All new Windows computers must participate in the COE Active Directory.