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Catalog Data

(3 credits) Equilibrium of coplanar force systems; analysis of frames and trusses; noncoplanar force systems; friction; centroids and moments of inertia.

Prerequisites and Corequisities

Prerequisite or concurrent: Math 141.

Course Schedule

3 hrs lecture, 3 credits, every semester

Professional Component

Engineering Science, Engineering topics, Statics in elementary design


  • Engineering Mechanics, Statics Study Guide, J. Pytel, 2nd ed., Brooks Cole (optional text).


(letters in parentheses denote a-k of ABET Criterion)

  • Identify problems involving static and dynamic friction, belt friction concept, apply friction concepts to solve pending motion, and steady state motion problems (a,b,c,e,k)
  • Utilize differential masses, the concepts of equivalent systems, and integration to determine centers of gravity (CG) and /or centers of mass (CM), as well as moments of Inertia (a,e,k)


  • 3D equilibrium
  • Friction, motion, impending motion, belt friction
  • Center of Mass, Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia
  • Trusses, Frames


  • three-one hours exams @ 20% each
  • team work homework, and participation
  • final exam
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