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How to obtain a Sponsored Access Account

  1. The Faculty Sponsor must have an ITS Charge Account established to pay for the user's Access Account. If you don't already have one, to set up an ITS charge Account, see ITS Charge Account Instructions. You will need the account number. This step may be completed in advance of the user's arrival on campus.
  2. The user to be sponsored must already have a PSU ID Number.
    • Fill in your ITS Charge Account number.
    • Check the box for “Sponsored Account” and choose either a “Full” account ($8/mo) if a PSU email address is needed for the user or “Slim” ($3/mo) if email is not needed.
    • Write the name of the user and their PSU ID number and local phone number under the list of users. Leave the Access Account User ID blank as this is not yet established for the user.
  3. Include a statement detailing the business relationship the sponsored user has with the University. E.g. the user is a post-doc who needs the account to collaborate with others while doing their research. Add specifics of the work.
  4. The user must complete a PSU Access Account Application.
    • Have the user write their name legibly with their PSU ID Number, Campus Address, Campus, Department, Birthdate and Local Mailing Address.
    • Check the box for “Sponsored Accounts”.
    • Fill in the ITS charge account number if known.
    • Both the user and sponsor must sign and date the form. The sponsor must fill in their PSU userid as well.
  5. If the Charge-Account is known and written on these forms, then both the For-Fee Services Request form and Account Application form may be scanned and emailed to the Accounts office at
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