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  • High Temperature Spray-On Ultrasonic Transducers for the Development of Piping and Tubing Inspection System (Nuclear Energy University Program [NEUP])
  • Development of In-Pile Ultrasonic Transducer Detection Methods (Battelle–Idaho National Lab)
  • Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation (US Dept. of Energy)
  • Multi-Energy Optimized Processing Development (AE Resources)

Recently Completed

  • High Temperature Sensor Development (Industrial Measurement Systems Inc.)
  • Evaluation Phase of In-Core Longevity Testing of Piezoelectric Transducers (Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory)
  • Biodiesel Reactor (Ben Franklin Technology Partners Translational Research in Energy Support Program [TRESP])
  • GHz Ultrasonic Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring (Intelligent Automation, Inc.)
  • Ultrasonic Measurement Schemes to Evaluate Creep and Bar Specimens (Bechtel Bettis)
  • Effort to Demonstrate Ultrasonic Testing in-Pile Sensors in the Advanced Test Reactor (Idaho National Laboratory)
  • Technical Specifications for the Design and Testing of Advanced Ultrasonic Detection (Bechtel Bettis)
  • Ultrasonic Sensors (Bechtel BPMI)
  • NDE of Cumulative Fatigue Life assessment of Turbine Disks (Luna)
  • Sol-Gel Bismuth Titanate Patch Sensor Development (Intelligent Automation Inc.)
  • Technology Evaluation on Characterization of the Air Void System in Concrete (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation)
  • Multi-Energy Processing for Biofuels (CTI Biofuels)
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Sensor Development (Bechtel BPMI)
  • In-Situ Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring System (Intelligent Automation/NASA)
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