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Research Fields

The defining purpose of the center is to teach and engage in research for materials characterization, wave mechanics, and nondestructive evaluation with an emphasis on nanotechnology.

Dr. Tittmann's research interests include the following:

  • Physical acoustics and sensor technology,
  • Acoustic microscopy/spectroscopy,
  • Material characterization,
  • Wave mechanics,
  • Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation,
  • Delamination,
  • Cement and concrete,
  • Fluid-filled granular materials,
  • High-temperature nondestructive evaluation,
  • Multilayered materials,
  • Acoustic emission,
  • Fiber reinforced composites,
  • Thin-films in semiconductors,
  • Air-coupled characterization of food science products,
  • In-vivo cell characterization,
  • Nonlinear ultrasonics on automobile tire materials,
  • Laser-based ultrasound,
  • Doppler vibrometry,
  • Eddy current and EMAT sensors,
  • Finite element/boundary element computation,
  • Ultrasonic atomic microscopy, and
  • Remote sensing with guided waves.
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