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Courses Taught at Penn State

  • E MCH 013, Strength of Materials
  • E MCH 120S, Adventures in Mechanics
  • E MCH 210H, Statics and Strength of Materials, Honors
  • E MCH 213D, Strength of Materials with Design
  • E MCH 215, Mechanical Response of Engineering Materials
  • E MCH 400, Advanced Strength of Materials and Design
  • E MCH 403, Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • E MCH 416H, Failure and Failure Analysis of Solids, Honors
  • E MCH 461/M E 461, Applied Finite Element Analysis
  • E MCH 497A, Integrated Mechanics of Materials - Bicycle Crank Arm
  • E MCH 500, Solid Mechanics
  • E MCH 521, Stress Waves
  • E MCH 530, Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • E MCH 531, Theory of Plasticity and Applications
  • E MCH 581, Micromechanics of Composites
  • E MCH 597, Structural Health Monitoring

Courses Taught Elsewhere

  • EM 230, Mechanics for Electrical Engineers (Univ. of Kentucky)
  • EM 302, Mechanics of Deformable Solids (Univ. of Kentucky)
  • EM 303, Mechanics of Deformable Solids Laboratory (Univ. of Kentucky)
  • ENGR 205, Solid Mechanics I (Univ. of Virginia)
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