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Cellular Neural Engineering Spring 2009

Full CNE schedule for Spring 2009 is posted

Schedule By Date

  • Jan 12
  • Jan 19 Martin Luther King Day - No meeting
  • Jan 26
    Wednesday 11AM:
    Ghanim Ullah presents:
    Bartos M, Vida I, Frotscher M, Meyer A, Monyer H, Geiger JR, Jonas P. “Fast synaptic inhibition promotes synchronized gamma oscillations in hippocampal interneuron networks”, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2002, 99(20):13222-7.
  • Feb 2
    Wednesday 11AM:
    Chunfeng presents:
    Cao Y, Lee Koo YE, Kopelman R. Poly(decyl methacrylate)-based fluorescent PEBBLE swarm nanosensors for measuring dissolved oxygen in biosamples. Analyst. 129(8):745-50 (2004)
  • Feb 9
    Wednesday 2:00PM:
    Justin Ingram presents:
    Eid T, Williamson A, Lee TS, Petroff OA, de Lanerolle NC. Glutamate and astrocytes–key players in human mesial temporal lobe epilepsy? Epilepsia. 2008;49 Suppl 2:42-52.
  • Feb 18
    Wednesday 2PM:
    Ghanim Ullah presents:
    Glickfeld LL, Roberts JD, Somogyi P, Scanziani M. Interneurons hyperpolarize pyramidal cells along their entire somatodendritic axis. Nat Neurosci. 2009 Jan;12(1):21-3.
  • Feb 23
  • Mar 2
    Wednesday 2PM:
    Ghanim Ullah presents:
    Tiesinga P, Fellous JM, Sejnowski TJ. Regulation of spike timing in visual cortical circuits. Nat Rev Neurosci. 2008 Feb;9(2):97-107
  • Mar 9 Spring Break - No meeting
  • Mar 16
    Wednesday 2PM:
    Chunfeng Zhang presents:
    Bazzu G, Puggioni GG, Dedola S, Calia G, Rocchitta G, Migheli R, Desole MS, Lowry JP, O'Neill RD, Serra PA. Real-Time Monitoring of Brain Tissue Oxygen Using a Miniaturized Biotelemetric Device Implanted in Freely Moving Rats. Anal. Chem., 2009, 81 (6), pp 2235–2241
  • Mar 23
  • Mar 30
    Wednesday 2PM:
    Ying presents:
    Peer Wulff, Alexey A. Ponomarenko, Marlene Bartos, Tatiana M. Korotkov, Elke C. Fuchs, Florian Bähner, Martin Both, Adriano B. L. Tort, Nancy J. Kopell, William Wisden, and Hannah Monyer. “Hippocampal theta rhythm and its coupling with gamma oscillations require fast inhibition onto parvalbumin-positive interneurons” PNAS March 3, 2009 vol. 106 no. 9 3561-3566
  • Apr 6
  • Apr 13
  • Apr 20
  • Apr 27

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