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Integrated Systems Neural Engineering Fall 2008

Integrated Systems Neural Engineering (1) Journal Club Course to review current literature in integrated systems neural engineering. Topics vary with to participants interests and current publications, but may include topics in signal processing, models and theory of seizure dynamics, experiments to understand neural activity during behavior and processing, instrumentation and materials for interfacing with brain.

Full CNE schedule for Fall 2008 is posted

Schedule By Date

  • Aug 28
    Kalitzin, et al, Electrical brain-stimulation paradigm for estimating the seizure onset site and the time to ictal transition in temporal lobe epilepsy Clinical Neurophys 2005
    along with editorial by Alarcion and counterpoint arguments by Osorio, et al.
  • Sept 1 Labor Day - No Meeting
  • Sept 8
    Victor, A method of nonlinear analysis in the frequency domain, BJ 1980
  • Sept 15
    Johnson MD, Franklin RK, Gibson MD, Brown RB, Kipke DR.
    Implantable microelectrode arrays for simultaneous electrophysiological and neurochemical recordings.
    J Neurosci Methods. 2008
  • Sept 22 Jeewajee Lever Burton OKeefe Burgess Environmental novelty is signaled by reduction of the hippocampal theta frequency Hippocampus 2008
  • Sept 29 Ye Wang Liu Zhang Jiang Wang Chen Zheng A portable telemetry system for brain stimulation and neuronal activity recording in freely behaving small animals J Neurosci Methods 2008
  • Oct 6 Kjelstrup KB, Solstad T, Brun VH, Hafting T, Leutgeb S, Witter MP, Moser EI, Moser MB.
    Finite scale of spatial representation in the hippocampus. Science 2008
    and comment by Hasselmo
  • Oct 13 Guo Mylonakis Han MacDiarmid Chen Lelkes Wei Electroactive oligoaniline-containing self-assembled monolayers for tissue engineering applications Biomacromolecules 2007
  • Oct 20 Haider Hrbek Xu. Magneto-acousto-electrical tomography: a potential method for maging current density and electrical impedance (2008) Physiol. Meas. 2008
  • Oct 27 (none - ABET review)
  • Nov 3 Nishimura Schaffer Friedman Lyden Kleinfeld Penetrating arterioles are a bottleneck in the perfusion of neocortex PNAS 2007
  • Nov 10 Ortega Menendez de la Prida, Sola, Pastor.
    Synchronization clusters of interictal activity in the lateral temporal cortex of epileptic patients: intraoperative electrocorticographic analysis. Epilepsia. 2008 Feb;49(2):269-80
  • Nov 17 canceled due to SFN meeting
  • Nov 24 Break
  • Dec 1 Phillips and Wightman.
    Critical guidelines for validation of the selectivity of in-vivo chemical microsensors Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2003 vol:22 iss:8 pg:509
  • Dec 8 Kjelstrup et al Reduced fear expression after lesions of the ventral hippocampus PNAS 2002
  • Dec 15

Suggested Papers

  • Lytton W. Computer Modelling of Epilepsy. Nature Neurosci Rev, 9:626; 2008.
  • Zhang Liu Carney Yuan Chen Roper Jiang Non-invasive imaging of epileptic seizures in vivo using photoacoustic tomography Phys Med Biol 2008
  • Lesser Lee Webber Prince Crone Miglioretti Short-term variations in response distribution to cortical stimulation Brain 2008
  • Anderson Kudela Cho Bergey Franaszczuk Studies of stimulus parameters for seizure disruption using neural network simulations Biol Cybern 2007

Nick presents

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