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Integrated Systems Neural Engineering Spring 2009

Integrated Systems Neural Engineering (1) Journal Club Course to review current literature in integrated systems neural engineering. Topics vary with to participants interests and current publications, but may include topics in signal processing, models and theory of seizure dynamics, experiments to understand neural activity during behavior and processing, instrumentation and materials for interfacing with brain.

Full CNE schedule for Spring 2009 is posted

Schedule By Date

  • Jan 12 Nick Chernyy presents:
    Lenck-Santini and Holmes, Altered Phase Precession and Compression of Temporal Sequences by Place Cells in Epileptic Rats, J Neurosci, 2008
  • Jan 19 Martin Luther King Day - No meeting
  • Jan 26 Madineh Sarvestani presents:
    Lesser Lee Webber Prince Crone Miglioretti Short-term variations in response distribution to cortical stimulation Brain 2008
  • Feb 2 Dana Andre presents:
    Zhang Liu Carney Yuan Chen Roper Jiang Non-invasive imaging of epileptic seizures in vivo using photoacoustic tomography Phys Med Biol 2008
  • Feb 9 Giorgio La Corte presents:
    Bilanishvili Chachua Koreli Khizanishvili Nanobashvili Influence of hypothalamic stimulation on the development of status epilepticus in rats, [Georgian Medical News: 11(164), 2008; Reprints available upon request from Sridhar (sus28 AT psu DOT edu) or Giorgio (gxl25 AT psu DOT edu)]
  • Feb 16 Michael Muelly presents:
    Quigg Clayburn Straume Menaker Bertram Effects of circadian regulation and rest-activity state on spontaneous seizures in a rat model of limbic epilepsy Epilepsia 2000. The following review will be used as a supplement: Quigg Circadian rhythms: interactions with seizures and epilepsy Epilepsy Research 2000.
  • Feb 23 Yina Wei presents:
    Sirota A, Montgomery S, Fujisawa S, Isomura Y, Zugaro M, Buzsáki G Entrainment of neocortical neurons and gamma oscillations by the hippocampal theta rhythm Neuron 2008.
  • Mar 2 Balaji Shanmugasundaram presents:
    Cogan SF, Ehrlich J, Plante TD, Smirnov A, Shire DB, Gingerich M, Rizzo JF Sputtered iridium oxide films for neural stimulation electrodes J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater 2008.
  • Mar 9 Spring Break - No meeting
  • Mar 16 Madineh Sarvestani presents:
    Anderson Kudela Cho Bergey Franaszczuk Studies of stimulus parameters for seizure disruption using neural network simulations Biol Cybern 2007
  • Mar 23 Yina Wei presents:
    Su Radman Vaynshteyn Parra Bikson Effects of high-frequency stimulation on epileptiform activity in vitro: ON/OFF control paradigm Epilepsia 2008
  • Mar 30
    Yina Wei continues presentation of Su et al (2008)
  • Apr 6
    Sridhar Sunderam presents:
    Nair Shiau Principe Iasemidis Pardalos Norman Carney Kelly Sackellares JC. An investigation of EEG dynamics in an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy using the maximum Lyapunov exponent Experimental Neurology 2009
  • Apr 13
    Balaji Shanmugasundaram presents:
    Ludwig KA Uram JD Yang J Martin DC Kipke DR. Chronic neural recordings using silicon microelectrode arrays electrochemically deposited with a poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) film J Neural Eng 2006
  • Apr 20
    No meeting

Suggested Papers

  • Guevara R, Velazquez JL, Nenadovic V, Wennberg R, Senjanovic G, Dominguez LG. Phase synchronization measurements using electroencephalographic recordings: what can we really say about neuronal synchrony? Neuroinformatics. 2005
  • Lytton W. Computer Modelling of Epilepsy. Nature Neurosci Rev, 9:626; 2008.
  • Williams PA, White Am, Clark S, Ferraro DJ, Swiercz W, Staley KJ, Dudek FE. Development of spontaneous recurrent seizures after kainate-induced status epilepticus. J Neuroscience 2009
  • Hall CB, Lipton RB, Tennen H, Haut SR. Early follow-up data from seizure diaries can be used to predict subsequent seizures in same cohort by borrowing strength across participants. Epilepsy & Behavior 2009
  • Waldbaum S, Dudek F. Single and repetitive paired-pulse suppression: A parametric analysis and assessment of usefulness in epilepsy research. Epilepsia 2008
  • Dudek FE, Sutula TP. Epileptogenesis in the dentate gyrus: a critical perspective. Prog Brain Res 2007
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