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Dr. Mark Horn

Associate Professor

Office phone: (814) 865-0332
Office address: 305C EES BL

Professional Experience

1988 - 1998 Member of Technical Staff, Submicron Technology Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1998 - 2001 Associate Director for Processing and Instruction, The Pennsylvania State University Nanofabrication Facility
2001 - . Associate Professor

Research Areas


Nicholas M. Fieldhouse, M. S. Student, Electrical Characterization of Vanadium Oxide Thin Films
John D. Petrilli, M. S. Student, Bioadsorbable STFs for Biomedical Applications
Sean N. Pursel, Ph. D. Student, Optical Sensors Utilizing the Circular Bragg Phenomena in Sculptured Thin Films
Guneet Sethi, Ph. D. Student, Effects of Homo and Hetero Interfaces on Electrical Energy Density in Metal Oxide Thin Films website
Charan Srinivasan, Ph. D. Student, Hybrid Strategies for Nanolithography and Chemical Patterning website
Chandrasekaran Venkatasubramanian, Ph. D. Student, Characterization of Vanadium Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Sputter Deposition
Kerry E. Wells , M. S. Student, Characterization of VOx films Deposited from Oxide Targets

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