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Professional Development

  1. Active in establishing contacts with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to promote afro-american undergraduate students in engineering research at Penn State, 1996 - Present.
  2. Instructed a course in “Semiconductor Devices” broadcast live via interactive compressed video (ICV) conferenging to engineers in Lucent Technologies, Reading, PA.
  3. Spring Semester 2001, EMch 12 (Dynamics); Spring Semester 2001 and 2002, EMch 481/581 (MEMS/MEMS and Smart Structures); Fall Semester 2001 and Spring Semester 2002 (EMch 13 (Strength of Materials): extensive utilization of the World-Wide-Web in the course material preparation, homework assignments and solutions, midterm exam preparations, solved problems and additional practice problems, and communicating information to students.
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