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Growing Si Nanowires

Growing Si Nanowires from Nanochannel Templates at Place of Use—“Grow-in-Place” Technology <style float-left center>80nm SiNW on Glass

<style float-left center>150nm SiNW on Glass

NW growth by extrusion approach

Self-positioned Nanowires offer easy subsequent fabrication.
As grown, NW’s are positioned, oriented, and ready for subsequent processing into sensor devices, transistors, field emission tips.

New Transistor Structure

Proposed, demonstrated, and now further developing the new AMOSFET transistor concept.
This new device concept shows excellent transistor characteristics (Applied Phys. Lett., in press) <style float-left>page1a.jpgpage1b.jpg</style>

Mercury Nanowire Sensors

<style float-left>Sensors exhibit a very reproducible
response to ionic and elemental Hg
page3a.jpgpage3b.jpg </style>

<style>SEM image of 100nm wide
Au nanowire Hg sensors.

<style left>Due to high surface to volume ratio of nano-scale, devices are more sensitive than thin film versions.

Fonash Group 2007</style>

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