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Chunfeng Zhang, PhD

Contact Information

Postdoc Scholar

Center for Neural Engineering
Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics
212 Earth-Engineering Science Building,
Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, PA, 16802.
Voice: (814) 206-6850
Fax: (814) 865-6161


Ph.D. Physics (2002-2007), Fudan University, China
Thesis title: Nonlinear optically pumping of lasing in ZnO nanostuctures.
B.Sc Physics (1999-2002), Fudan University, China


2007—, Postdoc Scholar, Department of Engineering Science and Mechnics and Center of Neuroscience Engineering, the Pennsylvania State University
2006, Visiting scholar, Christian Doppler Lab for Surface Optics, University of Linz, Austria



  • Optical sensors for analyte measurement in neural tissue;
  • Nonlinear Optics;
  • Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy


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Conference Proceedings (selected)

  • Zhang CF et al., “Energy transfer pumped efficienct infrared colloid quantum dot light emitting diodes”, EMC 2009.
  • Zhang CF et al., “Frequency up-converted lasing of nanocrystal quantum dots in microbeads”, CLEO 2009.
  • Zhang CF et al., “Two-/three-photon pumped ultraviolet nanorod lasers”, CLEO 2008.
  • Zhang CF et al., “Multiphoton route to ultraviolet nanowire lasers”, CLEO 2007.
  • Zhang CF, and Qian SX, “Two-photon induced ultraviolet semiconductor laser assisted by the Rabi flopping”, CLEO 2006.
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