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As Sr Researcher at the Materials Research Institute (1998-2003)

  1. D.-K. Kwon*, M.T. Lanagan, and T.R. Shrout, “Microwave Dielectric Properties of LaScO3-TiO2 Materials,” Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., 783:B5.14.1-6 (2003). First Author Supervised by Candidate
  2. A. Hennings, G. Semouchkin, E. Semouchkina and M. Lanagan, “Design Optimization of Microstrip Square-Ring Band-Pass Filter with Quasi-Elliptic Function,” 33rd European Microwave Conference Proc., Munich, p. 175-178 (Oct 2003). Equal Contribution by Author
  3. E. Semouchkina, G. Semouchkin, and M. Lanagan, “FDTD Analysis of Dual-Mode Microstrip Antennas,” IEEE AP-S Digest Proc. International Symposium, Columbus, 3:p. 772-775 (June 2003). Equal Contribution by Author
  4. E. Semouchkina, G. Semouchkin, M. Lanagan, and R. Mittra, “Field-Simulation-Based-Strategy for Designing Microstrip Filters,” IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, Philadelphia, p. 1897-1900 (June 2003).
  5. Semouchkina, E., Semouchkin, G., Mittra, R. and Cao, W., “Finite Difference Time Domain Simulation of Resonant Modes of Rectangular Dielectric Resonators”, Microwave Optical Tech. Lett., vol. 36, 160-164, 2003.
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