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Papers presented at technical and professional meetings as Ceramist at Argonne National Laboratory (1988-1997)

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  2. C.-T. Wu, K. C. Goretta, M. T. Lanagan, A. C. Biondo, and R. B. Poeppel, “Thermomechanical Processing of Ag-Clad Bi-2212 Superconductors,” Long Lengths of High-Temperature Superconductor Wires and Tapes, ed. U. Balachandran, E. W. Collings, and A. Goyal (The Metallurgical Society, Warrendale, PA) (1994).
  3. M. T. Lanagan and R. B. Poeppel, “Processing and Microwave Electrical Properties of High-TC Superconductors,” Int. Symp. Appl. Ferroelect. (1990).
  4. R. B. Poeppel, U. Balachandran, I. Bloom, S. E. Dorris, J. T. Dusek, K. C. Goretta, M. T. Lanagan, H. J. Leu, V. A. Maroni, J. J. Picciolo, D. Shi, J. P. Singh, and C. A. Youngdahl, “Recent Improvements in Bulk Properties of Ceramic Superconductors in High Temperature Superconducting Compounds: Processing & Related Properties,” ed. S. H. Whang and A. DasGupta; The Metallurgical Society, Warrendale, PA (1989).
  5. R. B. Poeppel, M. T. Lanagan, J. P. Singh, K. C. Goretta, J. T. Dusek, S. E. Dorris, U. Balachandran, C. L. Bohn, and J. R. Delayen, “Processing and Electrical Properties of High-TC Superconductors,” Thirteenth Int. Conf. Infrared and Millimeter Waves, SPIE Proc. (1988). Presenter (Invited Speaker)
  6. K. C. Goretta, J. T. Dusek, J. P. Singh, M. T. Lanagan, U. Balachandran, S. E. Dorris, and R. B. Poeppel, “Fabrication of Bulk Superconducting Ceramics,” World Congress on Superconductivity, ed. C. G. Burnham and R. D. Kane (World Scientific, Singapore) (1988). (Invited Speaker)
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