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Michael T. Lanagan
Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics
278 Materials Research Laboratory Building
Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-6992 e-mail:


Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (Penn State), Associate Professor, 7/04-present

  • Teach courses in electronic materials, microwave materials, and experimental methods.
  • Advised student research at the B. S., M. S., and Ph. D. levels.
  • Committee participation in electromagnetics candidacy exam and industrial relations

Materials Research Institute (Penn State), Associate Director, 8/01-present Responsible for establishing new research initiatives at the Materials Research Institute and maintaining infrastructure at the MRL Building.

  • Coordinate faculty to address government and industry solicitations.
  • Allocate space and technical services for new faculty in the MRL Building.
  • Work with the Materials Research Institute Director to promote Penn State’s materials research activities within the University, nationally and internationally.

Penn State Center for Dielectric Studies (Penn State), Associate Director, 12/98-present Responsible for developing new programs in transportation, energy storage, and communications related fields.

  • Coordinate research programs between universities, industry, and national laboratories
  • Explore new technologies for power electronic inverters and supercapacitors for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Characterize microwave dielectric and magnetic properties of materials for band pass filters and resonators.
  • Match fabrication process and material properties with design criteria for integrated passive components.

Argonne National Laboratory, Staff Ceramist, 12/87-11/98 Developed new materials and processes for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs within the Department of Energy.

  • Initiated new programs through proposals and sponsor education.
  • Procure and maintain equipment in Ceramics Section - (i.e. furnaces, X-ray diffraction equipment, cold-isostatic presses, and MOCVD delivery systems).
  • Coordinated research with industry and universities.
  • High-Temperature Superconductors: Research interests included ceramic and metallurgical process techniques for fabricating superconductor wire.
  • Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells: Synthesize new materials for corrosion resistant cathodes and bipolar plates.
  • Power Electronic Capacitors: Explore nonlinear ferroelectrics and thin-film capacitor structures for snubber capacitors.
  • Advised student research at the B. S., M. S., and Ph. D. levels.

Penn State University, Adjunct Scientist 6/97-7/97

  • Explored antiferroelectric/ferroelectric materials for energy storage and capacitors in power electronic circuits.

Alfred University, Visiting Scientist 6/94-7/94

  • Explored methods to reduce NOx, and CO2 emissions in radiant burner tubes.

Penn State University, Research Associate, 5/87-12/87

  • Developed microwave dielectric characterization techniques for high dielectric constant materials.
  • Efforts encompassed several research projects at the Materials Research Lab including characterization of packaging materials, piezoelectric and dielectric property measurement.

IBM, Hopewell Jct., NY, Student Co-op, 6/85-12/85

  • Initiated high frequency measurement of next-generation multilayer ceramic materials (MLC) for computer applications.
  • Developed lumped impedance and cavity measurement techniques.

IBM, San Jose, CA, Student Co-op, 5/82-8/82

  • Explored photoresist processes for bubble memory devices.

Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY, Student Co-op, 5/81-8/81

  • Worked with rheological properties of slip systems for catalytic converter substrates.


Pennsylvania State University, Ph. D. in Ceramic Science, 8/82-5/87 Thesis Title: Microwave Dielectric Properties of Antiferroelectric Lead Zirconate

University of Illinois, B. S. in Ceramic Engineering, 8/78-5/82, Highest Honors


Fall 2005, E. Sci 433H, 1 credit, experimental and statistical methods, Spring 2003-2006, MatSE 417, 3 credit, electronic properties of metals and ceramics. Fall 1999-2002, Fall 2004, ESM 597i, 3 credit course, Microwave Materials Interactins, Mechanical Engineering, 597F, 3 credit course, High-Power Energy Storage, (co-teaching). Spring 2000, 597J, 1 credit course, Electronic Property Characterization of Materials and components.

PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES AND AWARDS MRI Faculty Achievement Award (2003), National Academy of Engineering invited participant to Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (1996); Argonne Director's Award (1994); Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer Merit Award (1994); Argonne Pacesetter Award (1993); IBM Fellowship at Materials Research Laboratory (1987); University of Illinois Bronze Tablet (1982); and the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering Scholarship (1982).

Member of the American Ceramic Society, International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) and the Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), and TMS – The Materials Information Society.


Technical Session Chair for Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Conference (2006). IMPAS/American Ceramic Society Workshop (2003-2005), Coordinator for Workshop on Dielectric Materials for Pulsed Powder (2003), organizer of the Passive Components for Power Electronics Workshop (2000), Co-organizer of Poster Session for the Chicago-Milwaukee Section of the American Ceramic Society (1995-1997), local committee for the Applied Superconductivity Conference (1992), Co-chair of the session on High Temperature Superconductors for Microelectronic Applications, International Symposium on Microelectronics (1990).

Journal Reviewer: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Journal of Applied Physics, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Materials Research, Physica C, Superconductor Science and Technology, Review of Scientific Instruments, and Applied Superconductivity, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.

Proposal Reviewer: National Science Foundation, Department of Energy.


University of Pennsylvania, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan), TDK Corporation (Japan), NEC Corporatio (Japan), Shonan Institute (Japan), NGK Corporation (Japan), Mitsubisi Materials Corporation (Japan), Argonne National Laboratory, Alfred University, Bradley University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Honeywell, Illinois Institute of Technology , Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Penn State University, Sandia, Tulane University, University of Illinois, University of Houston, W. R. Grace., National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Florida State,


Author of over 100 peer-review publications, over 80 non-refereed publications, and 9 patents. All lists are available upon request.

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