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The Ethics of Neural Prosthetics Talks on Web

Implanting Change: The Ethics of Neural Prosthetics

Conference Dates: August 26 – 28, 2007
Location: Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

Description: This NIMH supported conference will provide an intensive dialogue among leading thinkers about the rapidly evolving ethical dilemmas related to neural implants. Recent years have seen considerable technical advances in neural implants—in particular, deep brain and cortical stimulators. Nevertheless, the ethical issues raised by this evolving technology have not yet been fully explored. What are the most pressing ethical issues for clinicians, researchers, and recipients of neural prosthetics? Are new human subjects protections required for neural prosthetics research? How should we weigh the risks and benefits for neural prosthetic therapies? Where does therapy end and enhancement begin? Are there enhancements which lie beyond the boundaries of medical care? What are the legal, ethical, economic and social implications of neural prosthetics? These issues will be explored by leading experts in the fields of neuroscience and ethics.

Speakers include Nicholas Schiff, Ken Curley, Milind Deogaonkar, Martha Farah, Joseph Fins, Paul Ford, Hank Greely, Benjamin Greenberg, Jaimie Henderson, Leigh Hochberg, Scott Kim, Jonathan H. Marks, Lisa Marshall, Helen Mayberg, Isaac Mwase, Imad Najm, Kristen Hessler, and Alim Louis Benabid.

Event support includes the National Institute of Mental Health, American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons, Penn State University’s Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences, Rock Ethics Institute, Social Science Research Institute, Department of Anthropology, College of Engineering, Eberly College of Science, Science, Technology, and Society Program, College of Medicine, Department of Neural and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Neurology, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics,and Department of Neurosurgery.

Conference Schedule :

  • Session 1: 7-10 PM Sunday, August 26
  • Session 2: 9 AM -12 PM Monday, August 27
  • Lunch: 12-1:30 PM Monday, August 27
  • Session 3: OPEN PUBLIC SESSION: 2 PM -5 PM Monday, August 27
  • Reception 5:00-6:00 PM, Dinner 6:00 - 7:30 PM Monday, August 27
  • Evening Breakout Session: 8 PM -10 PM Monday August 27
  • Session 4: 9 AM - 12 PM Tuesday, August 28
  • Meeting Adjournment: 12 PM Tuesday, August 28

Conference Program Final Conference Program Talks on Web

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