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Information Technology

ESM has two full-time IT support staff: an IT Support Specialist and a Programmer/Analyst.

Service requests can be made via email, telephone, in person or online at

Below are some of their individual areas of responsibility. For more information on IT at ESM, please visit the ESM IT web pages.

For poster submission, please visit

William Ames - IT Support Specialist

Directory Entry

203B Earth-Engineering Sciences Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802

Office hours 9am-11am weekdays or by appointment

  • Technical consultation, purchasing support, eBuy
  • Software licensing
  • Multimedia Support (digital imaging, scanning, photography, OCR, poster/complex printing, logos)
  • Graphic design, page layout
  • Data backup, translation, recovery and duplication
  • Web design and Search Engine Optimization
  • Virus and security issues
  • Systems Analysis and Planning
  • Systems Administration
  • Computer Policy questions
  • Digital copier assistance, new accounts
  • General computer support

Andrew Miller - Programmer/Analyst

Directory Entry

Office: 205A Earth-Engineering Sciences Bldg.

Mail Address:
212 Earth-Engineering Sciences Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802

  • Wireless internet access PSU wifi page
  • New accounts (Access Accounts)
  • Web site access (Accounts on ESM web server, wiki access)
  • Database management and support (FileMaker Pro, MySQL, Data Warehouse, Engineering Warehouse, FIT, Transact, IBIS, ISIS)
  • Server Administration
  • Security (we take your computer if it is compromised)
  • IP address assignment, computer inventory
  • Programming (Web Applications)
  • Scripting (PHP, JavaScript, Perl, shell)
  • UNIX (Mac OS X, Ubuntu)
  • General support

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