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ESM IT and Computer Support Staff

Please see the ESM Services Directory for more information on where to find assistance.

William Ames

William E. Ames
IT Specialist
Level 4

Phone: 865-6242
Skype: billames68

Office: 203B EES

Support for Purchasing; software licensing; digital imaging (scanning, photography, OCR, etc.);page layout and publications; media translation, recovery and duplication; tape backup services; personal and laboratory web site access; virus and security warnings; digital copier assistance; general computer support

Please visit the Services Directory for more information.

• Penn State Alumni Association
  Life Member
• Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity
  past affiliate
• Modern Language Association
• Omega Sigma Delta
  honorary brother

William Ames is one of the leading State College photographers and provides event and portrait services for the department. Send an email to schedule a portrait session, or for laboratory or publicity photos.

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller
Programmer / Analyst
Level 4

Phone: 863-6029

Office: 307D EES

Wireless internet access, Database management, scripting, UNIX, Security and Accounts, IP address assignment, programming, main web site access, and general support.

There may be times when technicians are not available due to scheduling conflicts. In this case, contact a Staff Assistant in the ESM main office, and they can offer alternatives to meet your needs.