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What's Here

The links currently showing in the left hand navigation bar take you to the important top level pages. The following list describes their function:

  • Design Flowcharts: Annotated flowcharts showing the basic flow of the design process and design projects.
  • Step-by-step Procedures: A collection of instructions on how to go about working on design projects, interactive examples demonstrating design of products, guidlines on formatting design reports with a sample report, and downloadable pdf forms for students taking the Strength of Materials with Design courses.
  • Tutorials and Instructional Resources: Supplementary information useful for doing design work. Much of this information is in PDF form and may be downloaded. A collection of interesting animations demonstrating strength of materials concepts is also available here.
  • Project Library: A gallery of past design projects with project statements.
  • Links and Resources: A number of pages containing annotated links to many onsite and offsite pages with information on materials, standards, product manufacturing, anthropometric data, and general design information.
  • Contact and Feedback: Information on how to contact or send feedback to the administrators of this site.
  • Instructor Notes: Information for instructors using this site.

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