Common Brasses & their Applications

Table M3 - Common Brasses & their Applications - Bauccio (1993) and Horath (1995)

Name UNS # Composition Applications
Red Brass C23000 80 Cu 20 Zn Weathering stripping, conduit, sockets, fasteners, fire extinguishers
Cartridge Brass C26000 70 Cu 30 Zn Radiator cores and tanks, fasteners, locks, hinges, ammunition components, pins, rivets
Yellow Brass C26800
65 Cu 35 Zn Radiators, lamp fixtures, plumbing supplies
Medium-Leaded Brass C35000 64.25 Cu 34.75 Zn 1 Pb Engravings, gears, nuts, couplings
High-Leaded Brass C35300 62.5 Cu 35.75 Zn 1.75 Pb Nuts, gears, wheels, clock parts
Free-Cutting Brass C36000 61.5 Cu 35.5 Zn 3 Pb Gears and pinions
Muntz Metal C28000 60 Cu 40 Zn Architectural, large nuts and bolts, brazing rods, hardware panels and sheets, forging
Naval Brass C46400
60 Cu 39.25 Zn 0.75 Sn Nuts and bolts, propeller shafts
Forged Brass C37700 60 Cu 38 Zn 2 Pb Forging, valve stems, plumbing supplies

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