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12-13 April 2007 Meeting Presentations

Thursday April 12

* Prof. Cliff Lissenden, Penn State, SHM and the Center

* Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang, Stanford, KEYNOTE: Promises and Challenges in SHM

* Dr. Michael Yu, NAVAIR, Structural Health and Usage Monitoring for Naval Aviation Weapon Systems

* Dr. James Blackshire, AFRL, Overview of Air Force Needs for SHM

* Prof. Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Penn State, Piezoelectric Materials and Devices

* Mr. Richard Ross, NASA Langley, KEYNOTE: Improving the Safety of Current and Future Aircraft Through Integrated Health Monitoring

* Dr. Karl Reichard, Penn State, Diagnostics and Prognostics for System Health Monitoring

* Carl Byington, Impact Technologies, Impact Tek SHM Developments

* Prof. Maria Lopez de Murphy, Penn State, Evaluation of FRP Composite Repairs for Concrete Structures

* Prof. Martin Trethewey, Penn State, Health Monitoring of Rotating Equipment from Torsional Vibration Features

* Prof. Joseph Cusumano, Penn State, Health Monitoring for Machines and People

* Prof. Bruce Gluckman, Penn State, Neural Engineering for Seizure Disorders

Friday April 13

* Steve McGregor, Ben Franklin, Ben Franklin Programs

* Prof. Aditi Chattopadhyay, Arizona State, KEYNOTE: Air Force SHM MURI Project

* Dr. Markus Heinimann, Alcoa, International Working Group for Structural Integrity Assessment

* Bill Nickerson, RLW Inc, Wireless Devices for CBM

* Prof. Ghassan Chehab, Penn State, Monitoring Pavements

* Dr. Paul Meyer, GE Inspection Technologies, NDE Solutions at GE Inspection Technologies

* Prof. Joseph Rose, Penn State, The Imminent Ultrasonic Guided Wave Revolution in SHM

* Mitchell Lebold, Penn State, Open Architecture for Condition Based Maintenance

* Prof. Edward Smith, Penn State, Recent Research on Damage Detection Methods for Helicopter Rotor Systems

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