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Selected Publications

◊: Corresponding author; *: graduate students under supervision; * *: Postdoc under supervision; #: Equal contribution authors

  1. He, Y., Chen, T. W., Jia, H. P., Jiang, L., Yi, R., Xu, Y. B., Xue, D. C., Genc, A., Bouchet-Marquis, C., Pullan, L., Tessner, T., Yoo, J. Y., Li, X. L., Zhang, J. -G, Zhang S. L.◊, and Wang, C. M.◊
    Progressive inward growth of solid-electrolyte interphase causes capacity fading of large volume changing anodes.
    Nature Nanotechnology , 16, 1113-1120 (2021).

  2. Nijjer J., Li C. H., Zhang, Q. T., Lu, H. R., Zhang S. L.◊, and Yan, J.◊
    Biofilm self-patterning: mechanical forces drive a reorientation cascade.
    Nature Communications, in print (2021).

  3. Zhang, Y., Yu, J. Y., Wang, X., Durachko, D. M., Zhang, S. L.◊, Cosgrove, D. J.◊
    Molecular insights into the complex mechanics of plant epidermal cell walls.
    Science,372, 706-711(2021).

  4. Wei, Q., Shi, X. C., Cai P. Q., Zhao, T. K., Chen, T. W., Zhang, Y., Yang, J., Chen, X. D., Zhang, S. L. ◊
    Actin-Ring Segment Switching Driving Epithelial closure over non-adhesive gaps.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117, 33263-33271, (2020).

  5. L. Q. Zhang, T. T. Yang, C. C. Du, Q. N. Liu, Y. S. Tang, J. Zhao, B. L. Wang, T. W. Chen, Y. Sun, P. Jia, H. Li, L. Geng, J. Z. Chen, H. J. Ye, Z. F Wang, Y. S. Li, H. M. Sun, X. M. Li, Q. S. Dai, Y. F. Tang, Q. M. Peng,T. D. Shen, S, L. Zhang◊, T. Zhu◊ and J. Y. Huang◊
    Revealing the growth and stress generation of lithium dendrites by in-situ ETEM-AFM.
    Nature Nanotechnology, 15, 94-98 (2020).

  6. Wang, Z. Q., Li, X. Y., Chen, Y. M., Pei, K., Mai, Y. -W., Zhang, S. L.◊, and Li, J. ◊
    Creep-enabled 3D Solid-state Lithium Metal Battery.
    Chem, 6, 2878-2892, (2020).

  7. Xue, W. J., Ren, Z. C., Chen, T. W., Kim, S. Y., Chen, Y. M., Zhang, P. C., Zhang*, S. L. ◊, and Li, J. ◊
    Molar-Volume Asymmetry Enabled Low-Frequency Mechanical Energy Harvesting in Electrochemical Cells.
    Applied Energy, 273, 115230, (2020).

  8. Yao, B., Hong, W., Chen, T. W., Han, Z. B., Xu, X. W., Hu, R. C., Hao, J. Y., Li, C. H., Li, H., Perini, S. E., Lanagan, M. T., Zhang, S. L.◊, Wang, Q.◊, Wang, H◊
    Highly Stretchable Polymer Composite with Strain‐Enhanced Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness.
    Advanced Materials, 32, 1907499, (2020).

  9. Zhao, P., Wang, Y. X., Katz, B., Mockensturm, E., Crespi, V.◊ and Zhang, S. L.◊
    Geometry and chiral symmetry breaking of ripple junctions in 2D materials.
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 131, 337-343, (2019).

  10. Zhang Y., Wei, Q., Zhao, T., Zhao, P. and Zhang, S. L.◊
    Extracellular and intercellular force distribution in circularly shaped epithelia.
    Extreme Mechanics Letters, 31, 100526, (2019).

  11. Zhang, Y., Shi, X., Zhao, T., Huang, C., Wei, Q., Tang, X., Santy, L. C., Saif, M. T. A. and Zhang, S. L.◊
    A traction force threshold signifies metastatic phenotypic change in multicellular epithelia.
    Soft matter, 15, 7203-7210, (2019).

  12. Zhang, G. Z., Weng, L. X., Hu, Z. Y., Liu, Y., Bao, R. X., Zhao, P., Feng, H., Yang, N., Li, M. Y., Zhang, S. L., Jiang, S. L. and Wang, Q.◊
    Nanoconfinement-Induced Giant Electrocaloric Effect in Ferroelectric Polymer Nanowire Array Integrated with Aluminum Oxide Membrane to Exhibit Record Cooling Power Density.
    Advanced Materials , 31, 1806642, (2019).

  13. Son, S., Muddana, H. S., Huang, C., Zhang, S. and Butler, P. J.◊
    Direct In situ, fluorescence lifetime-based measurements of cell membrane micromechanics.
    Biophysical Journal, 694620, (2019).

  14. Han, S. B., Cai, C., Chen, T. W., He, D. S., Li, S., Xiang, X., Zu, X. Z., S. L. Zhang◊, Gu, M.◊
    Direct Visualization of Gold Dissolution and Diffusion Across Ni2P Shell Using in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy.
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,11, 46947-46952, (2019).

  15. Zhao, T. K., Zhang, Y., Wei, Q., Shi, X. C., Zhao, P., Chen, L. Q. and Zhang, S. L.◊
    Active cell-matrix coupling regulates cellular force landscapes of cohesive epithelial monolayers.
    NPJ Computational Materials, 4, (2018)

  16. Zhang, G. Z., Zhao, P., Zhang, X. S., Han, K., Zhao, T. K., Zhang, Y., Jeong, C. K., Jiang, S. L., Zhang, S. L.◊ and Wang, Q.◊
    Flexible three-dimensional interconnected piezoelectric ceramic foam based composites for highly efficient concurrent mechanical and thermal energy harvesting.
    Energy & Environmental Science , 11, (2018).

  17. Zhang, G. Z., Fan, B. Y., Zhao, P., Hu, Z. Y., Liu, Y., Liu, F. H., Jiang, S. L., Zhang, S. L., Li, H. L. and Wang, Q.◊
    Ferroelectric Polymer Nanocomposites with Complementary Nanostructured Fillers for Electrocaloric Cooling with High Power Density and Great Efficiency.
    ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1, 1344-1354, (2018).

  18. Yan, P. F., Zheng, J. M., Chen, T. W., Luo, L. L., Jiang, Y. Y., Wang, K., Sui, M. L., Zhang, J. G., Zhang, S. L.◊ and Wang, C. M.◊
    Coupling of electrochemically triggered thermal and mechanical effects to aggravate failure in a layered cathode.
    Nature Communications, 9, (2018).

  19. Wei, Q., Huang, C. J., Zhang, Y., Zhao, T. K., Zhao, P., Butler, P. and Zhang, S. L.◊
    Mechanotargeting: Mechanics-Dependent Cellular Uptake of Nanoparticles.
    Advanced Materials, 30, (2018).

  20. Sun, J. S., Jiang, J. W.◊, Park, H. S. and Zhang, S. L.
    Self-cleaning by harnessing wrinkles in two-dimensional layered crystals.
    Nanoscale, 10, 312-318, (2018).

  21. Ryu, J., Chen, T. W., Bok, T., Song, G., Ma, J., Hwang, C., Luo, L. L., Song, H. K., Cho, J., Wang, C. M., Zhang, S. L.◊ and Park, S.◊
    Mechanical mismatch-driven rippling in carbon-coated silicon sheets for stress-resilient battery anodes.
    Nature Communications, 9, (2018).

  22. Kim, G. B., Chen, Y. J., Kang, W. B., Guo, J. S., Payne, R., Li, H., Wei, Q., Baker, J., Dong, C., Zhang, S. L., Wong, P. K., Rizk, E. B., Yan, J. Z. and Yang, J.◊
    The critical chemical and mechanical regulation of folic acid on neural engineering.
    Biomaterials, 178, 504-516, (2018).

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  24. Ostadhossein, A., Rahnamoun, A., Wang, Y. X., Zhao, P., Zhang, S. L., Crespi, V. H. and van Duin, A. C. T.◊
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    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, 631-640, (2017).

  25. Dearnley, M., Trang, C., Zhang, Y., Looker, O., Huang, C. J., Klonis, N., Yeoman, J., Arora, M., Osborne, J., Chandramohanadas, R., Zhang, S. L., Tilley, L.◊ and Dixon, M.◊
    Revsersible host cell remodeling underpins deformability changes in malaria parasite sexual blood stages.
    American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygien, 95, 589-589, (2017).

  26. Chen, T. W., Zhao, P., Guo, X. and Zhang, S. L.◊
    Two-Fold Anisotropy Governs Morphological Evolution and Stress Generation in Sodiated Black Phosphorus for Sodium Ion Batteries.
    Nano Letters , 17, 2299-2306, (2017).

  27. Chen, T. W., Yang, H., Li, J. and Zhang, S. L.◊
    Mechanics of electrochemically driven mechanical energy harvesting.
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  28. Gao, K., Li, P. F., Zhang, Y. Z., Chen, T. W., Wang, X., Zhang, S. L., Liu, J. B. and Wang, H. T.◊
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    Nano Energy, 40, 187-194 (2017).

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